CoolSlim Plan Kit

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One month supply contains:

60 X CoolSlim Capsules,
60 X Coolherbals Advanced Protein,
      Vitamins and Minerals Capsules,
1 X Coolherbals Kapha Spice Mix Powder,
1 X CoolSlim Diet Card

Weight Loss Tips

Want to lose weight?

Lose weight with the CooSlim Plan Slimming Programme.

For some it is simply a case of wanting to look slimmer and for some it is losing weight.

This is the simple 6 plan action:

  • Take the CoolSlim natural supplements to aid curbing diet and improve digestion and metabolism
  • No not and lose weight...eating your normal meals but focus on the K factor foods in your diet, 6 tastes in each meal and follow the 5:3:2 rule
  • To look more toned use the guaranteed to work slimming wrap - CoolSlim Wrap
  • Massaging your fatty areas using ayurvedic slimming techniques using Garshan silk gloves to remove oil soluble toxins from fat cells
  • Exercising
  • Having a goal and mind set to keep to this goal!

If you follow The CoolSlim Plan we GUARANTEE you will be looking slimmer or we will refund your money!

I see the CoolSlim Plan as the way forward in this jungle of obesity, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of motivation and exercise. You will be motivated to be the best you can be naturally
Professor Rob Campbell of Bolton University.


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Our Guarantee
Your purchase is risk-free.
Give the CoolSlim Plan a try for 60 Days for best results.

The guarantee is simple, get CoolSlim now!

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