CoolSlim Plan Kit

CoolSlim Plan Kit
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One month supply contains:

60 X CoolSlim Capsules,  60 X Coolherbals Advanced Protein, Vitamins and Minerals Capsules,  1 X Coolherbals Kapha Spice Mix Powder,  1 X CoolSlim Diet Card

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I lost half a stone in 3 months
Becky, Essex

It’s so natural – its not a diet
Sue, Middlesex

A great way to slim
Dela, Valerie Beauty, Watford

If you want to lose weight naturally … this is the Plan for you. You are eating normal food for a change.
Seema, Bucks

Weight Loss News

Want to lose weight? Lose weight with the CooSlim Plan Slimming Programme.

For some it is simply a case of wanting to look slimmer and for some it is losing weight.  This is the simple 6 plan action:

  • Take the CoolSlim natural supplements to aid curbing diet and improve digestion and metabolism
  • No not and lose weight...eating your normal meals but focus on the K factor foods in your diet, 6 tastes in each meal and follow the 5:3:2 rule
  • To look more toned use the guaranteed to work slimming wrap - CoolSlim Wrap
  • Massaging your fatty areas using ayurvedic slimming techniques using Garshan silk gloves to remove oil soluble toxins from fat cells
  • Exercising
  • Having a goal and mind set to keep to this goal!
Price CoolSlim Plan Kit:    

If you follow The CoolSlim Plan we GUARANTEE you will be looking slimmer or we will refund your money!

I see the CoolSlim Plan as the way forward in this jungle of obesity, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of motivation and exercise. You will be motivated to be the best you can be naturally
Professor Rob Campbell of Bolton University.


Step 1

CoolSlim natural supplements

Our regular meals have become more fast and processed and quite often fried or micro-waved. Cooking has killed off the value of some of the food we eat. Some of the components required for digestion are reduced or destroyed. There are 3 supplements to take:

a. CoolSlim capsules
Some natural herbs can help in kerbing appetite, improving digestion and removing toxins. CoolSlim capsules are 100% vegetarian containing Ginger, Green Tea and Kelp. They naturally help digest food, kerb the appetite and help functioning of the bowels. Kelp, a seaweed, is recorded to be used for slimming for over a century. Scientists say that Kelp helps maintain an ideal metabolism and reduces appetite/craving for foods. It is believed to slow conversion of fats and carbohydrates into body fat. Green Tea appears to fight obesity by increasing the rate of calorie burning, reducing body fat levels and preventing excess weight gain. Ginger helps protect the gastric system by increasing the pH of the acid in the stomach and hence reducing its acidity. This decreases the rate of gastric secretions and increases the activity of digestive enzymes. It is also reported to increase metabolism and in this way helps burn fat.

b. Coolherbals Advanced Protein, Vitamins and Mineral capsules

Some vitamins and minerals that are required for optimum digestion and body functions may also be lost in cooking. With age the thyroid gland, that releases the hormone thyroxine required for food metabolism, needs extra support. Some minerals such as Iodine support the thyroid gland. Protein is required for formation of new cells. This is where Coolherbals Advanced Protein, Vitamins and Mineral capsules (available for Women or Men) can help. The capsules are 100% vegetarian. Take two daily.
c. Coolherbals Kapha Spice Mix powder ensures you get all 6 tastes in your diet, reduces cravings and binge eating by satisfying all the 6 types of taste buds on your tongue. It will help improve digestion, maintain good digestion and hence maintain weight. Use the Coolherbals Kapha Spice Mix blend for the correct spices in the right proportions to sprinkle on your food.

CoolSlim Caps

Advanced Protein Vit & Min

Kapha Spice Mix
Let us look at a typical fast food meal … a burger, fries and tomato ketchup meal. The meat is primarily salty, the bun is sugar, fries are astringent and tomato ketchup is sour. Only 4 tastes are present in the meal.  Our taste buds on our tongue are not fully satisfied as some tastes are missing - the bitter (like lemon or similar dressing) and pungent foods (onions or garlic) are little or totally missing. Adding the Kapha Spice Mix Powder would give the other two flavours.
If however if we eat a jacket potato with beans, salad perhaps with a dressing or Kapha Spice Mix spices on it we can get the 6 taste meal that would satisfy the taste buds on our tongue and feeling a sense of fullness. The bitter and pungent taste buds are a few and scattered on the tongue compared to the salty and sugar ones … so we do not need to eat too much of the pungent or astringent foods in comparison.

Step 2 - food we eat

Lose weight by eating your normal foods but look out for these 3 things: the K factor in foods, the 5:3:2 ratio and the 6 tastes in foods.

Low calorie diets do not work. Your body is clever. If you reduce your calories, the body will detect the shortage of calories and it will just adjust the amount of calories it burns every day! The body starts to use calories, burning its muscle for energy rather than fat! Quite often as soon as you come off the low calorie diet you put the weight back on again. More over quite often low calorie meals are not your normal meals and most people will just not stick to them long term.

If calorie intake is not a sufficient way to measure weight loss what is?

We suggest you eat ’normal’ meals but consider the amount of kapha energy or K factor in the food you eat and ensure you eat all the 6 tastes and eat daily in the 5:3:2 ratio ›› 50% fruits and vegetables, 30% protein and 20% carbohydrates.

The K factor has nothing to do with a well known cereal … it is a secret that has been known for centuries and you too can now benefit from it. It is known as the CoolSlim Plan… its simple to follow…

All food has energy and some foods add more weight on than others.
What is the K factor in food?
What does this mean? According to ancient Indian or ayurvedic thinking the universe like us humans is made up of 5 elements ‐ water, earth, air, ether (space) and fire. Like food we are all composed of these five elements but no food or human being has the same amount of each of these elements. It is found that we have two elements more than the others in our bodies.

These two elements create energies or doshas. These cause some foods to be heavier than others. There are three energies or doshas – vata, pitta, and kapha. From the five elements the light elements – ether and air combine to form the vata energy. Foods such as fruit and salad fall in this category. Where one heavy and one relatively light elements – fire and water – combine they form pitta energy foods while the heavy elements – water and earth – combine to form kapha energy or heavier foods. Kapha inherits the stability of the earth and water. Kapha foods therefore tend to be heavy and add weight – for example milk and bananas. As Kapha energy has the heavy elements we want to ideally have low kapha foods when slimming. We have termed the amount of kapha energy in foods by the term K factor.
The lower the K factor in the food the better the food whilst slimming
Putting on excess weight is a kapha disorder and the main condition is due to eating too much, doing too little and being inactive too much. The cellular fire in the tissue is low. To increase our biological fire pungent, bitter and astringent foods will help.

Excess food and calories consumed by the person are not burned and these turn into adipose or fat tissue. This makes the person overweight and obese. This is where ayurvedic masages help more so than physical exercises as they help remove fat soluble toxins rather than just the water soluble toxins exercises help in.

This is how we can balance a meal energetically. If you eat a salad, with the Coolherbals Kapha Spice mix powder, perhaps with small amount of chicken or beans with humous in a pitta bread.This would equate to the K factor being: Minus (-) means reducing K energy and (+) increases the K energy. Salad= - ,Normal portion chicken = +, Beans (e.g. black eyed/baked/tofu/soy) = -, Bread / rice = +, Kapha Spice Mix = -, This would overall be a - meal. This is what we ideally want.
For a more detailed list of K factor foods read the book written by Ravi Bhanot and Sushma Bhanot on The CoolSlim Plan: Slimmer in 1 hour...Slim Forever
In the west we call a balanced meal - meat and 2 vegetables. In ancient Indian or ayurvedic terms it is one in which are present all the 6 tastes.
Eat the 6 tastes
There are 6 different tastes in food. Each taste has a balancing ability, and including some of each in your meals provides complete nutrition, minimizes cravings and balances the appetite and digestion.
The 6 tastes:
  • Sweet: Almonds, sugar, milk, rice, wheat, large beans
  • Salty: Salt, meat, salted snacks
  • Sour: Lemon, yogurt, cheese, tomatoes, sour fruits, pickled fruits
  • Pungent: Ginger, mustard, clove, hot spices, radish, chillies, garlic
  • Astringent: Beans, lentils, cabbage, potatoes, cranberries
  • Bitter: Green tea, green leafy veggies, tonic water, chocolate
Why should I eat the 6 tastes?
Our taste buds on our tongue are only fully satisfied if we eat all the 6 tastes - otherwise it leaves a craving. Quite often we compensate by eating the 'wrong' foods to quench the appetite of the taste buds. Generally fast foods have 3 or 4 tastes in them hence a craving to eat more. Some of the tastes are missing - usually  the bitter (like lemon or similar dressing) and pungent foods (onions or garlic) are little or totally missing. Adding vegetables or spices such as Kapha Spice Mix Powder can give the other two flavours.
The 5:3:2 ratio in meals
In ancient Indian or Ayurvedic terms a balanced meal is not one of meat and two veg, but one in which foods are eaten from protein, carbs, fats, vitamin and minerals ideally 50% fruits and vegetables, 30% protein and 20% carbohydrates and all the six tastes are present.
The CoolSlim Starter Pack contains – CoolSlim Capsules, natural appetite suppressants taken before meals, Kapha Spice Mix Powder is sprinkled over meals to provide the six tastes and the Coolherbals Advanced Protein, Vitamins and Minerals capsules ensure you get all the essential components for optimum digestion and metabolism. Cooking sometimes destroys some of these ingredients.
The CoolSlim Starter Kit one month supply contains: 60 X CoolSlim Capsules, 60 X Coolherbals Advanced Protein, Vitamins and Minerals Capsules, 1 X Coolherbals Kapha Spice Mix Powder and 1 X CoolSlim Diet Card.

Step 3

CoolSlim Body Wrap – one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to slim

Everyone feels encouraged when one looks tightened and toned instantly. Tone & tighten in 45 minutes or use as part of a weight loss programme

Use a CoolSlim Wrap every other day and use the CoolSlim Stomach belt in between times to look toned all the time - your friends will wonder what your secret is...

Step 4

Massaging your fatty areas using ayurvedic slimming techniques such as using raw silk garshan gloves. Exercises helps remove water soluble toxins but fat soluble are more difficult to remove through exercise. Garshan is a traditional Ayurvedic dry massage with a special silk glove that stimulates the metabolism and helps remove exercise-resistant toxins more easily. They can help in preventing and reducing cellulite. Use this ayurvedic massage to help
If you can get someone to help your massage then the ayurvedic slimming massage is a great way to tone. This uses dry powder, a bit of Coolherbals Slimming Oil and a simple ayurvedic massage technique.
What it does (video):
Exercising – physical and breathing are both important. Breathing exercises – when you perform a fat breathing exercise your body will be releasing toxins (these cause weight gain) and strengthening your immune system.
Physical Exercises – any diet plan can only be 100% effective if it is supplemented with the correct exercises.

These should be exercises you find enjoyable. We recognize that for some people it is difficult to move around, so the Coolherbals CoolSlim Plan has been designed with special exercises which can be done easily in the comfort of one’s own home.

Step 6

Having a goal and mind set to keep to this goal! Before you get anywhere you need to know where you want to get to. What type of body do you want, by when and how are you going to get this?

Imagine the person you would like to look like. Cut a picture of the person whose body you would like to have or use the male/female picture and put your photo on the face. This is a great reminder of your goal. Look at this picture daily to motivate you to get you where you want to be. Remember the saying- a picture paints a thousand words. Some people find it useful to focus on this picture when they are carrying out the breathing exercises and physical exercises.

As you start the CoolSlim Plan we will be emailing you tips to further improve your positive self image.
The CoolSlim Plan is a practical, healthy, enjoyable plan that works in harmonizing the body’s energies through centuries old tried and tested principles. It nourishes the body, gives the body regular healthy meals giving you the energy to function fully rather than offering a diet where you eat fewer calories causing the body to revolt against you!

I lost 9lb in 5 weeks and I feel great too with this simple diet; try it!
Becky (Ilford)
Its so natural – its not a diet
Sue (Middlesex)
A great way to slim
Dela, Valerie Beauty, Watford
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Give the CoolSlim Plan a try for 60 Days for best results.

The guarantee is simple, get CoolSlim now!

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